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  • We are Grabill, IN's top choice for adorable labrador retriever puppies. Our family offers them the care they deserve. From feeding and bathing, to walking and outdoor activities, we take the utmost care of our puppies until they go home with you! Call us today, and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible!

A labrador retriever in the sunset from a dog breeder in Grabill, IN

The Love between Mother and Daughter .......


She is Incredibly Intelligent......
~Jasper & Dolly~

Jason this is Khaleesi (Nita) from Jasper and Dolly’s litter born on 01/18/17. 
 She is 8 months old now and just wanted to show you how much she has grown and how
 beautiful of a dog she turned out to be. She is incredibly intelligent and was very easy to train. 
She has more than exceeded my expectation and couldn’t be happier. She is complemented regularly on how pretty and how good of a dog she is.

    Here is Mickey almost one year later! He's a great pup! Thank you

The Tisdale Family

Hi JoAnn,                                                                                                   ~Jasper & Catrina~

Daisy May (Hope) is doing great! She had her photo shoot yesterday & the pictures turned out so cute!!!
 I just had to share them with you 

Hello! Happy Spring.....                                                                    ~ Harley & Daisy ~

Sending an update on Rosie (ziane).
She is just the best dog and getting smarter and prettier every day. People comment on how shiny and beautiful her black coat is and it just shines in the sun! She's really athletic and loves to play on our playground with the kids ( she will climb up the ramp and wait for one of us to take her down the slide on our laps! She could do this for hours! Haha) She has had lots of play time with several other lab/golden puppies in the neighborhood. We have two adult black labs that live across the street and they love her. She has mastered commands quickly and uses the potty bell like a champ. I can't believe how fast she corrects herself when she knows she has done something she's not supposed to do. She's a cuddler but also really likes her alone time in her crate with her favorite snuggle toy. (I think this is just the sweetest and smartest thing of all..that she knows where her special personal place is) Vet visits are going well and she's growing fast.
We love her so much and is a perfect fit for our family. Can't wait to take her on trips to the beach and go camping this fall.
The Swim family

Hello! Rosie will be seven months old and I can't even believe it! I wanted to send some photos because we are so thankful to you and impressed every day by how wonderful she is. She is beautiful and smart and we love her so much!
Love ,
The Swim family

She's our little sweetheart......                                                         ~ Jasper  & Jasmine ~                              

Thought you both would enjoy a pic or two of Bella (Carla from your Nov. litter)!

She is such a sweetheart and we couldn't have asked for a better pup! We get so

many compliments on how beautiful she is!! Happy New

Year to you and your family!  

                                                                                            The Vanblarcum Family

Found a wonderful home.....                                                              Jasper & Dolly ~

Thought you would like to see how Marshal looks. He is doing great! Merry Christmas!!!

From Cindy

"Listening to all his commands!"                                                   ~ Jasper & Dolly ~

Hi Jason,

I thought you would like to see how Marshal is growing and doing. Boy he is so smart. He opens

doors and jumps fences to get to me when I'm getting my mail. Wants to be beside me at all times.

He listens to all his commands. 

     Very good boy!! You did a great job breeding your dogs. Thank you so much for a

wonderful healthy loving dog. We love him so much. I almost want to get another one from

Jasper and Dolly. I saw your last pups so cute!!!

       Thanks Again!


"Amazing family dog"                                                                            ~ Jasper & Jasmine ~

I wanted to give you an update on Candy. The kids decided to name her Lucy. She is doing

great! We are absolutely in love with her. She is a sweetheart and quite the lover!

 She is great with the kids and is an amazing family dog already. She has a great 

temperament and is very smart. She is best

friends with our four-year-old golden retriever. She is in puppy school and doing fantastic! I

have received so many compliments on what a beautiful dog she is…Thanks again.

                                                                                      The Tancredi Family

Very well mannered.....                                                                ~ Jasper & Catrina ~

I just wanted to say thank you again. We purchased Ethan from you in August, his new name is Brinkley. He 

is a wonderful, well mannered and loving puppy, and growing fast. I have attached a few pictures. Thanks 

again, we love Brinkley so much and love to spoil him. 

                                                                                            Jill and Doug

Adjusting very well......                                                              ~ Jasper & Catrina ~

Thought I would send you some pics of Lizzie- formerly known as Elizabeth! She

is doing great and has such a good temperament. We are having a great time with her 

and she is very smart. She has been on the boat and swam in Lake Michigan - 

she was a little skiddish, but she did great. Hope all is well.

The Ballas Family

Wonderful addition to our Family......                              ~ Jasper & Jasmine ~

Hi Joann and Jason,

It's been a memorable 10 weeks since Mason moved in with us. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We can't say enough good things about his temperament, he really is just the sweetest, kindest dog. He is hardly ever bad, but when he is, he learns to correct himself almost immediately. He is incredibly smart, learning new rules, such as the potty bell on the door, within a day or two. We love our little Mason, and we thank you so much for bringing him into our lives.

                                       Thanks again, 

                                                         Kitty, Scott, and Mason

We couldn't love him more......                                          ~Jasper & Catrina~

Just wanted to give you an update on Miller (Evan). He turned one today and we couldn't

love him anymore! We enjoy him so much!


                                                        The Cork Family

So Precious......                                                                       ~Jasper & Dolly~

She is so precious, we just love her so very much! Thank you again!

                                                                                           The Hawkins Family

She took over our chair lol..... already spoiled!

We Love Her......                                                                     ~Jasper & Catrina~

Here's some new pictures of Stella! We LOVE her!

                                   The Richey Family

                                                                                                                                                                      ~Jasper & Jasmine~
Niles is currently in training to become a diabetic alert service dog.............

We have had a blast this week. Niles is an amazing puppy. We get so many compliments and are excited
 to tell everyone about where he came from. My husband and I can't thank you enough. 
What a great job you do raising these pups.
Your heart is in it fully! It shows in Niles! He is so loving! Already showing off how smart he is. 
We have nothing but great things to say about him and Crystal Acres. 
The kids love him and Niles really enjoys play time and all the room he has to run and be himself here. Our other dog is Gizmo. He is a husky/Aussie mix and these two get along wonderfully. Gizmo
 has actually taken on a motherly position around the new puppy. 
We made sure to get him the same puppy food, the vitamins you recommended daily and are very 
excited to get to show him off to our Veterinarian in town. 
I took him out in our woods to try and get some nice picture, only using my camera phone so it wasn't the best quality, but out of 15 pictures the one I sent you was the only one of him semi-still. He is full of energy
We are going to re-name him but so far we haven't decided on one. It looks like 'Hero' could be a winner. 
Thanks again for raising such a wonderful puppy. He is a blessing to us, a gift and we love him so very much!
I will keep you posted and send more pictures often

I was able to get some good pics today. This guy has a nose on him!! We played find the treat in the leaves and his only distraction was wood. He loves sticks. I think it could be a lab thing. Finding a treat in the leaves just helps him begin to use his nose. I use his puppy food for treats, he loves it. He knows 'sit' and 'come' very well and today he 
was introduced to 'stay'. For the most part we are working on bonding and just having fun
 being a puppy. His name is Hero. To my family that is exactly what he is, our hero!!
Super smart puppy. We couldn't be more proud of him. 
The last picture is of him finding his treat all by himself using that amazing nose of his.

                                                                                                                                        & Peyton

 Little Junie B............                                                        ~Jasper & Jasmine~

We love our "Junie B"! She's so very sweet and doing great. Thank you again! :)

                                                The Nickel Family

I'll send you a couple recent pictures of her. She weighed in at 40.5 pounds today. :) We love her. She's been a really great Lab. 
I wanted to send you an updated picture of Junie! We love her so much and she loves all her human kids and Lab friends on the farm. :) She was born from Jasper/Jasmine 2015.

Thank You for the best dog we ever had.........               ~Jasper & Catrina~

    The Trubee Family
Happy Birthday Luke!
One Year Old!

She is such a joy..............                                               ~Jasper & Catrina~

Daisy and Lillie have become great friends and love to play and be together. 

She is growing up fast and is such a joy to our family. 

Hope all is well with you and your family!!

                                                                                                   The Tomkiewicz Family

Our Awesome pup...........                                                  ~Jasper & Jasmine~

My husband just spoke with you about our awesome pup, Jake, aka Marshal from 

Jasper and Jasmine's litter. Here are a few pictures.
     The Kirkwood Family
             Helping with making dinner.......

A Wonderful Puppy......                                                 ~Jasper & Jasmine~

I hope you and your family are well. We thought you'd like to see a photo of Sophie 

aka Ashley as we celebrate her first birthday. She is a wonderful combination

of spiritedness and sweetness with a smidgen of stubbornness..... that we hope she'll outgrow. 

She's very smart and athletic. We adore her!

The Taff Family

We just love her.........                                                     ~Jasper & Dolly~

Hi, Patrick and Joselyn made it home okay. We just love her.

She's doing really well.

The McCloskey Family

Enjoying the water......                                                     ~Jasper & Jasmine~

Arthur has been enjoying the water and warm weather, doing well, up to 20 pounds.

                      The Orn Family
Had a great summer with Arthur. Growing like a weed and loves the water! Hope all is well with you and your family.

Doing great......                                                                   ~Jasper & Jasmine~

The Cole Family

He's always happy.....                                                    ~Jasper x Catrina~

We wanted to share a few pictures of Tango (formerly Karson)

He's got an amazing personality, and is always happy. He gets along great with

our older Labrador mix. Thank you for such an amazing dog.

                Respectfully,  The Robinson Family

Harley.......                                                                          ~Jasper & Catrina~

Hi Jason, here is our beautiful Harley!
                                                                                        The Cole Family

Very affectionate with everyone she meets......              ~Jasper & Catrina~

Hi Jason and Joann!
It has been almost 5 months since we brought Hailen (Hailey) home.  Just wanted 

to send a few pictures! She is doing great. She will only get 2 steps into the pool 

so far this summer but betting by next summer she will be jumping in all the time. Her 

personality and temperament are great. She is very affectionate with 

everyone she meets and loves treats! Hope you guys are doing well!

                                                                                                                The Engle Family

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