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~New Puppy~

Son: "Dad, I'm not asking for a puppy for my birthday."

Father: "You're not?"

Son: "Nope, It wouldn't be fair to leave a puppy at home alone while I'm at school!" "A puppy needs companionship pretty much around the clock!"

Father: "I agree!"

Son: "Which is why I'm asking for TWO puppies!"

Father: "Oh No........"

The nurturing dog breeder located in Grabill, IN - Near Ft. Wayne

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If you're looking for the perfect companion or hunting dog, you've come to the right place! At Crystal Acres Labrador Retrievers, we breed the healthiest and happiest labrador retriever puppies. We are not a puppy mill! We are a family run business in Grabill, IN and we love dogs just as much as you do! Contact us today!

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What we offer

At Crystal Acres Labrador Retrievers, our family has years of experience in Grabill breeding labrador retriever puppies. 

Our dog Crystal Acres Jasper (champion pedigree) is the sire to our litters of puppies. The Dams are Crystal Acres Dolly, Crystal Acres Jasmine, and Crystal Acres Catrina. All of the puppies have white to light cream coloring and are very adorable. Our children spend lots of time with them before they leave for their new homes and they receive LOTS of love.

If you see a puppy you might like, give us a call at (260) 414-1230 and you can make a deposit on the puppy of your choice.

Our approach

Warning! If you visit us to see the pups, please be advised that they are extremely cute and chances are you won't be able to resist taking at least one home with you. They are definitely adorable! Nothing like little puppies, tails a waggin, standing on their hind legs waiting for you!

We want our labrador retriever puppies to feel comfortable in your home, and more importantly, to fall in love with you and your family. For that love and dedication that labrador retrievers need, we are the top choice of dog breeder in Grabill.

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